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CREATIVITY is my passion!

And I am looking for my next opportunity to make a creative change.

This is me

This is me.

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I'm an engineer, founder, TEDx speaker and passionate creativity researcher.

I teach students, write articles, host a PODCAST and consult companies.

I help people and businesses to become more creative and innovative.

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about me
Falling in Love with Creativity! | Tobias Eismann | TEDxNuremberg
TEDx Talks

Falling in Love with Creativity! | Tobias Eismann | TEDxNuremberg

This is what I do.


Research on the effectiveness of design thinking for creative idea generation.
Teaching and training of Design Thinking for idea generation excellence.


Helping founders and organizations in the further development of initial ideas into long-term sustainable business models.


Research into the design characteristics and effects of modern physical working environments.
Supporting companies in designing modern working environments that enable creativity and innovation.



Research into the factors influencing team creativity.
Helping to form, lead and work in teams for more team creativity and idea generation excellence.


Research into the factors influencing the creativity of an individual.
Helping individuals to understand creativity and its value and to find their own way to be more creative.


Helping businesses in understanding and implementing the crowdfunding concept within innovation management.


Helping leaders in understanding and actively promoting the creativity of their teams.


Helping businesses to better understand the main building blocks of successful innovation management based on a network of innovation management experts and various best practices.

what I do

This is my portfolio.

#1 Founder of a music festival 

SoundFeel Festival

At the age of 18, I founded a two-day music festival called SoundFeel Festival. Together with a friend, we hosted a two-day music festival with around 2.000 music lovers and acts like Bosse and McFitti. Find video impressions HERE.

#2  Founder of the Creativity Lab at SIEMENS

Creativity Lab

At Siemens, I founded the CREATIVITY LAB in order to transform Siemens into a creative powerhouse. We unleash people's and team's creativity and enable innovation teams to discover the problem space and the solution space with zero-bullshit and science based approaches.

#4 Implementation of Crowdfunding

Corporate Crowdfunding.

Together with a corporate crowdfunding software provider, I worked on an implementation of a corporate crowdfunding platform into an automotive OEM's innovation ecosystem.

#5  Design Thinking Trainer

Design Thinking Training.

I conducted several Design Thinking trainings with different businesses and organizations - Together with a friend, we developed  several tools and formats for creativity training at the university and taught over 700 students in about 4 years how to be more creative as an individual and as a team.

 #3  Published scientific articles on Design Thinking, Creativity & New Work

Design Thinking & New Work

Together with my co-authors, we published scientific articles on the effectiveness of Design Thinking in the renowned European Management Journal  (Find the article HERE!)  and on how New Work influences the behavior and creativity of people and organizational attrctiveness in Environment and Behavior Journal (Find the article HERE!)

and  Journal of Environmental Psychology (Find the article HERE!)

 #6  Founder of EUREKA

EUREKA Weinspritzer

In 2020, I founded together with friends. Based on scientific findings, we develop simple, real-life products and services that unleash your creativity.  Product #1 is the delicious EUREKA Weinspritzer.


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You want to learn more about creativity?

read my dissertation...

Innovation is driven neither by processes nor by any other management system, but by people’s creativity. Only the new and at the same time useful ideas of individuals and teams will lead organizations to new frontiers, improved competitiveness and show a better world.

Against this background, my dissertation offers an introduction to the fascinating field of creativity and especially team creativity. Based on six scientific studies on topics such as design thinking, creative leadership, new work, trust and attracting creative talent, this book provides implications for both scientists and corporate decision makers.

Unleashing Team Creativity.

Investigating Key Mechanisms that Enable Team Creativity and Innovation.

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Thank you!

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